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Biochromatography - Affinity Chromatography and Titre Analysis

Affinity chromatography is a powerful technique which takes advantage of highly specific molecular interactions, frequently between specific proteins (e.g. antigen/antibody).

In the biopharmaceutical industry affinity chromatography can be used as one of the processing tools in the production monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). The Protein A column can be used for the following:

  • Clone selection based on MAb titer
  • Fast screening of harvest cell culture samples for IgG – process optimisation
  • Accurate analysis of mAb quantities to determine protein harvest
  • Capture and purification of protein for further characterisation



Product Information

Crawford Scientific can supply Protein A columns for the isolation and quantitation of IgG.
For more product information see the links below;

Agilent Bio-Monolith Protein A column

Thermo Scientific MAbPac Protein A


Please contact us to discuss your specific biochromatography needs

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Application notes

Here at Crawford Scientific we have also gathered all of the most relevant and useful documentation, including application notes, relating to affinity chromatography and specifically MAb titre analysis, see below;


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Bio- Monolith QA Column

Rapid Analysis of Adenovirus Type 5 Particles with Bio-Monolith Anion- Exchange HPLC Columns to Support the Development of a High-Titre Manufacturing Platform


mAb PAC Protein A columns

ProSwift ConA-1S Affinity Column



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