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Biochromatography - Amino Acid Analysis

Amino Acid Analysis provides detailed information regarding the relative amino acid composition and free amino acids within peptides and proteins (monoclonal antibodies, MAbs).

Since every protein or peptide has a unique amino acid sequence and composition, amino acid analysis is used from drug discovery through manufacturing to demonstrate batch-to-batch consistency, for protein characterisation, and for cell culture monitoring.

The sequence of the amino acid chains defines the primary structure of the protein. Hydrogen bonding between amino acids of the primary structure then confers a secondary structure typically in the form of alpha helices and pleated sheets. A further series of interactions, hydrogen bonding, ionic, hydrophobic and disulphide bridges, between regions of the secondary structure, then provides the tertiary protein structure, or three-dimensional conformation. If the protein is composed of a number of amino acid chains, the interaction between these chains gives the quaternary structure.


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Zorbax Eclipse Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) Columns



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Application notes

The application notes below describe optimised solutions that have been developed to provide the data you need to quantify and categorize the amino acids that make up your biopharmaceuticals using liquid chromatography and high resolution reversed-phase columns.

Amino Acid Analysis using Poroshell HPH C18

High Speed Amino Acid Analysis

Improved Amino Acid Analysis Methods




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