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Biochromatography Columns

Biochromatography columns, or biocolumns, are liquid chromatography columns used for the separation of biological compounds such as peptides and proteins, oligonucleotides and polynucleotides, and other biomolecules and complexes.

Biocolumns are specifically designed for biomolecule analysis with larger pore sizes to accommodate the larger molecule sizes. Media is designed to minimize non-specific binding of analytes for improved recovery. Separation mechanisms are chosen to either retain biological function so bioactivity is not lost during analysis, or to deliberately denature for primary structure characterisation.

Typically, HPLC has been used to separate biomolecules. Now, advanced techniques such as UHPLC are becoming a popular choice because multiple separation mechanisms are needed in the characterisation of biomolecules.

Crawford Scientific offers advanced chemistries developed specifically for the separation of biomolecules using size exclusion, reversed-phase, ion-exchange and affinity functionalities, all of which are covered below.

Size Exclusion Chromatography »

Affinity Chromatography and Titre Analysis »

Ion Exchange Chromatography and Charge Variant Analysis »

Intact and Fragmented Protein Profiling »

Peptide Mapping - Sequence and Structural Analysis »

Post Translation Modifications (PTMs) »

Glycoform and Glycan Analysis »

Oligonucleotide Analysis »

Amino Acid Analysis »


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Zorbax RRHD Flyer   Agilent HPLC Column Selection Guide Brochure   Zorbax RRHD Flyer
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