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Biochromatography - Post Translation Modifications (PTMs)

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) represent the largest class of therapeutic drugs made by the biotechnology industry.

Purification, characterisation and monitoring of mAbs are critically improtant to drug development, with a variety of analysis techniques routinely used. Post translational modification (PTM) is a key component that contributes to the diversity of biological activities and affects a wide range of protein characterisation and cellular function.

Some of the most common PTMs include oxidation, deamidation, phosphorylation and methylation however it is estimated that there are over 200 different modifications which could occur.


Product Information

Crawford Scientific can help you separate and characterise biomolecules with our family of reversed phase BioHPLC columns.

Due to the heterogeneity in charge and hydrophobic structure of mAbs, ion exchange, HIC and reversed-phase separation are all options for monitoring the purity and stability during manufacture, formulation and storage. For more detail product information see the links below;

Agilent Poroshell 120Å columns

Thermo Scientific ProPac HIC-10 column

Thermo Scientific MAbPac HIC-10



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Application notes

Here at Crawford Scientific we have gathered all of the most relevant and useful documentation, including application notes and some general guides, relating to protein characterisation using reversed-phase chromatography, see below;


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Acclaim PepMap and Acclaim PepMap RSLC

ProPac HIC-10 Column




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