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Biochromatography - Size Exclusion Chromatography

The chromatographic separation of biomolecules based on their size in solution is known as Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC).

Unlike other modes of chromatography, it relies on the absence of any interaction between the analyte and the stationary phase packed in the column. This provides an ideal solution for separating and analysing intact proteins from contaminants that can include aggregates, excipients, cell debris, and other impurities arising from degradation. SEC is therefore widely used in both development and manufacture for biotherapeutic molecule characterisation.

In this section we provide some key literature to assist you with Size Exclusion Chromatography analysis and application development for a wide range of analyte types.


Product Information

Crawford Scientific can help you separate and characterise biomolecules with our family of size exclusion BioHPLC columns. For more detailed product information click on the links below:

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Application notes

Here at Crawford Scientific we have also gathered all of the most relevant and useful documentation, including application notes, relating to aggregation analysis using size exclusion, see below;


Protein Aggregation and Degradant Analysis using Agilent BioSEC columns

Optimum Pore Size for Characterising Biomolecules

Separation of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin  (rEPO) using Ahilent Bio SEC-3 columns (rEPO separation)

Optimum Parameters for Efficient Size Exclusion Chromatography of Proteins

Fast separation of a Monoclonal Antibody and dimer using BioSEC columns

Effect of pH on Protein Size Exclusion Chromatography

Monoclonal Antibody Characterisation

Zorbax Poroshell Columns Fast mAb Separation


MAbPac SEC–1 Column



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